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Lyft co-founder John Zimmer on why nice guys don’t always finish last


Lyft passenger in accident gets runaround on medical coverage

by: Natasha Chen Updated: Jun 8, 2017 – 11:39 PM SEATTLE – A passenger in a Lyft vehicle was injured in an accident on March 1 and has since been unable to get a guarantee of medical cover...

Lyft’s big lift: Liberal folk have helped Lyft win a quarter of the market

ONE firm’s bad news is often another’s good fortune. For years Lyft, an app that offers on-demand rides, was outdone by its seemingly unstoppable rival, Uber, which zoomed into new markets and grabbed...

Uber, Lyft get subpoenas from San Francisco


Uber and Lyft are destroying Chicago’s cab drivers


Playing Catch-Up to Uber on Self-Driving, Lyft Teams Up With Partners

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June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride

Lyft’s latest video: “June”

Lyft has some fun with “Ride Corp”

A Good Thing Going Launching on TV and online, “Ride on the Bright Side” shows how Lyft continues to prioritize happy drivers, short ETAs, and safety. The four spots feature a puzzled trio of executiv...

Lyft rolls out Glowstache Replacement. Meet AMP

A New Way to Glow For almost two years, the iconic Glowstache has brightened many a day and dashboard. But it’s time to unveil Amp, the next (colorful) generation of the Lyft emblem. The first in-car ...

Carnegie Mellon Reels After Uber Lures Away Researchers

Carnegie Mellon is scrambling to recover after Uber poached 40 researchers and scientists from the university’s robotics department.

LOL is so over: Facebook study reveals ‘haha’ is how we laugh online

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Twitter says government requests for your data jumped 52%

Dynamically brand synergistic schemas via cross functional networks. Quickly visualize web-enabled strategic theme areas for cross functional e-business. Enthusiastically productize client-centered we...

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