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DoorDash Employs Full-Time Workers for Fast Delivery in NYC –

Starting Monday, DoorDash is offering grocery delivery in 15 minutes or less in the Chelsea neighborhood in New York.

DoorDash tests 15-minute grocery deliveries in New York City | Engadget

The service will initially be available at a new DashMart outlet in Chelsea, and DoorDash plans to expand ultra-fast deliveries to more locations and ...

DoorDash plans to offer rapid delivery for retailers | Grocery Dive

DoorDash announced Monday it's entering the ultrafast delivery race with its DashMart virtual convenience store brand, starting with a location in ...

17-year-old Charged With Shooting DoorDash Delivery Driver During Carjacking – NBC Chicago

A driver for the food ordering app DoorDash was completing deliveries with his girlfriend in the south suburb that day, prosecutors said during a ...

DoorDash Introduces Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery, New Approach to Labor | Progressive Grocer

A new delivery service launched by DoorDash relies on full-time labor and offers the potential for deliveries in as little as 10 minutes.

DoorDash Joins the Instant Delivery Game—With Employees | WIRED

DoorDash, like other “gig economy” companies that emerged in the 2010s, usually relies on an army of gig workers to make deliveries. Drivers or ...

DoorDash launches 'ultra-fast' delivery in NYC, with couriers who are actual employees – The Verge

Unlike traditional DoorDash couriers, some DashCorps workers will be eligible for benefits, and all will be considered employees, ...

DoorDash launches 15-minute grocery delivery in NYC, bringing full-time employment and …

DoorDash is entering the world of quick-commerce grocery delivery, launching their first site in Chelsea on Monday. Courtesy of DoorDash.

DoorDash Offers 15-Minute Delivery – CSP Daily News

DoorDash is introducing ultra-fast grocery deliveries in 10-15 minutes beginning with DashMart in New York City. DashCorps will employ.

DoorDash Launches Ultra-Fast 15-Minute Grocery Deliveries in NYC | PCMag

Not content with next-day, same-day, or even one-hour deliveries, DoorDash has gone a step further and is promising to deliver some grocery orders ...

Ultra-fast delivery services are ditching the gig-worker model – Quartz

DoorDash adds a demanding type of service that may not be compatible with gig work, suggesting the limitations of this type of employment model.

DoorDash Enters Ultra-Fast Grocery Market, Hires Couriers in Break From Gig Worker Model

Today DoorDash announced it is entering the hyper-competitive ultra-quick grocery delivery market with the launch of a new DashMart location in ...