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Apple event: Watch accessories sell out ahead of expected iPhone launch

Apple‘s website is selling out of bands for the Watch, suggesting that more are about to come.

The timing lines up precisely with a rumoured iPhone event to be held by Apple in just a couple of weeks. At that same event, Apple is expected to launch three versions of the iPhone 11, as well as a range of other products.

Changes in the number of Apple Watch straps that are in stock – with many of the most popular bands showing as sold out, as noted by Macrumors – suggests that new bands are on their way.

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They might also come alongside a brand new Apple Watch, according to recent rumours. That Watch, presumably the Series 5, is expected to come in new materials as well as bringing new features to the wearable line.

Apple tends to refresh its line-up of bands twice a year, allowing for a line-up over the spring and summer and then another in autumn and winter.

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Often, those refreshes will bring new colours to the line up, which are generally reflected in other accessories such as the cases for the iPhones that are released at the same time.

They sometimes also bring entirely new designs of kinds of straps, which Apple have released gradually throughout the years the Watch has been available.

Apple will presumably unveil the new bands – or at least announce that they are available – at its widely-anticipated event next month.

Numerous leaks have suggested that will fall on 10 September, though the company is yet to send out invites or confirm that date.

At the same launch, Apple is expected to show off the new iPhones as well as the possible new Apple Watches. Other products could come too, such as a long-rumoured, 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro.

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